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 associated with many other industries such as electronics, automotive, marine, wheel and brake 

 shops, etc.  UST Media has testing facilities that enable us to help our customers identify the

 blasting media and services that best fit their needs. Our reputation reflects our long history and

 credibility of work in this field. UST Media is second to none in creativity, which has made us the 

 industry leader.

  There is more to a blasting project than selecting the right material. Media is available in a variety 

  of types and sizes, each of which is appropriate for different applications. Other parameters

  affecting performance are air pressure, equipment, degree of angle, nozzle, distance, dwell time,

  coating thickness, substrate and material flow. To insure our customers have an optimized

  process for their applications, we offer a full-service testing facility complete with blast rooms,

  blast cabinets, and a full service testing lab, so we can determine exactly, which combination will

  achieve the best performance. We can identify what is needed to get the best results from the

  blasting media. We also provide complete blasting services for all substrates, media testing for 

  heavy particulate sampling, and surface preparation. Our comprehensive capabilities set us apart  

  from others in the industry with experienced personal both at our complete testing facility and in

  the field.  

Our experience in dry plastic media blasting has taught us that depainting and coatings removal involve more than just buying the right media, or the right application equipment. Achieving the best, most economical results in the shortest amount of time involves a comprehensive approach that looks at every element of the blasting process. By choosing UST Media, you can be assured our personal experts will recommend the correct material for your applications.

UST Media's Commitment To Customers

  In the 1970's, the most popular way to remove paint from   

  aircraft bodies was to cover them with chemicals that 

  would swell the paint.  UST Media changed that!  We

  pioneered the concept of dry plastic media blasting, giving

  project managers a superior stripping process that

  reduced costs, safety concerns, environmental liability and

  turnaround time. Over the years, UST Media has

  continually introduced new blasting medias and services

  that refine the blasting process. We've expanded beyond

  aircraft depainting to serve the coating-removal demands

A Solid Track Record

Full-Service Capabilities

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Quality Policy

    UST Media Inc. intends to maintain its leadership role in the soft abrasive industry by:

- Providing our customers with the highest quality non-toxic soft abrasive, based on their requirements and specifications.

- Providing the technical assistance needed for applications of the product.

- Continuous improvement and expansion of the product line, the sales marketing effort and customer support.

 - All employees of UST Media are responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied by following up with our customers to ensure they are using the correct media for their application.