For Heavy Corrosion and Rust Removal; Surface Profiles; Fast Strip Rates: QuickStrip® A

QuickStrip® A  - Blast Media is specifically

designed for rapid coatings removal on

heavier substrates (i.e.; steel or heavy

cast aluminum) where a profile is needed

for paint adherence. QuickStrip® A removes

heavy enhanced coatings (i.e.; epoxy,

polyurethane) at increased production

rates by removing coatings, rust, and

corrosion all in one step.

Higher blast pressures used with dense media are not needed. QuickStrip® A operates very quickly between 35 to 50 psi and can be recycled up to 10 times compared to only 3 to 4 times with other media.

By controlling the amount or size of dense media added to the blend, it is possible to customize the profile needed from heavy (3-3.5 mil) to a superfine satin finish. QuickStrip® A can also be used on aluminum or soft metals with the use of micro-sized dense abrasive.

* Quickly removes coatings from steel and other surfaces; provides desired profile for recoating, welding, anodizing and painting.

* Achieves SSPC-SP10 white metal
* Removes pitted corrosion and rust
* Usable on vehicles, tanks, bridges, refineries, ships, offshore rigs, etc.
* Qualifies for "Lease & Recycle" eliminating hazwaste generation
* Low weight facilities recovery
* Silica free

Characteristic of ​​QUICKSTRIP-A®


Usage Demo of ​​QUICKSTRIP-A®