This latest generation of Polymedia®, available exclusively from UST MEDIA, is formulated using Nano-composite® particles used to remove coatings from a wide variety of substrates including COMPOSITES.  Manufactured from a blend of top quality amino thermo set resins and reinforcing fiber, MAGIC II® media is establishing new high performance and cost reduced depainting criteria through out the aerospace industry .  MAGIC II® is designed to remove coatings from composites were no other media can, making your time and labor hours in your depaint operation profitable.          

* Based on emerging Nano-composite®                      * Engineered specifically for coatings removal

   technology                                                                         on composites, carbon fiber, fiberglass,
                                                                                               graphite, and thin skin aluminum
* Performs at pressures as low as 10psi and

   can be used as high as high as 35psi using                * Tremendous savings in time and labor cost.

   Nano-composite® Technology



                                  Click Here to Watch: "Aircraft Depaint Then And Now" video

                                  Click here to watch: "New Spin on Rotor Blade Depaint" video

                Click here to watch: "MAGIC II® Type VIII Plastic Media Blasting Composite" video


           MAGIC II® Type VIII Users and Approvals (pdf)           MIL-P-85891 A - Amendment 3 (pdf)

           MAGIC II® Type VIII Approval for T. O. 1-1-8 (pdf)       Cherry Point Magic II® Testing (pdf)     

American Airlines Magic II® 5-12-09 (pdf)                     Swedish AF Testimonial (pdf)

Blast Procedures for Magic II® 30-60 10-6-09 (pdf)     Tinker Air Force Base B1 Magic II® (pdf)

AMCOM-MEOA6340 (pdf)                                                 USAF Approval Type VIII 11/05 (pdf)

Aircraft Abrasive Blast De-paint Test Summary (pdf)   AVCRAD Report April 2010 (pdf)




A "Black Hawk helicopter" ready to be stripped with Magic II® 30-60.