Physical Characteristic of STEEL-MAGIC
usage of STEEL-MAGIC® in Industries

STEEL-MAGIC® is the blasting media for the applications in the industrial and off shore support markets.

STEEL-MAGIC® is designed for removal of thick enhanced coatings on heavier steel substrates (i.e. bridges, tanks, ships, etc,) where a profile is desired for new paint adhesion.

STEEL-MAGIC® will remove heavier enhanced (i.e. epoxy, polyurethane) coatings at twice the strip rate with less dust than media previously available and the surface profile can be controlled by adjusting the pressure or the size of the abrasive.

Depending on the application, STEEL-MAGIC® can be blasted at lower pressure (35-80psi) and be recycled up to 5 cycles, or it can be blasted at a higher pressure (100-120 psi) and used as a single shot media.